TMT Bars

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Mechanical Properties

Because of our unique method of manufacturing, our TMT Bars posesses a combination of strength and ductility that is far more than the minimum limit specified in the standard IS: 1786. Undoubtedly, these superior values of strength and ductility are a guarantee of a higher level of safety.


The tough outer surface and softcore of A-One Gold TMT Bars result in rebar with excellent Bendability. The bar can be bent easily around mandrels much smaller in diameter than what is specified in IS:1786. This has an obvious advantage at construction sites.

Dimensional Tolerance

A-One Gold TMT Bar is supplied with sectioned weight lower than the nominal value and is guaranteed for not more than 1% heavy. This ensures higher meterage per unit weight as compared to ordinary rebars.

Seismic Resistance

Uniform ductility results in the superior seismic resistant property for A-One Gold TMT Bars.

Corrosion Resistant

TMT Bar is produced by thermo-mechanical treatment and not by cold twisting. Therefore, there is no torsional reducing stress which results in superior corrosion resistance characteristics.

Due to these world-class properties, we are the best TMT manufacturers in South India.

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