Men of Steel: The Faces Behind the A-One Steel Group

It is often said that the best of things starts with the smallest of ideas. The same can be said about the rise and rise of A-One Steel Group. Like all great ideas, A-One Steel Group too started with a few visionaries who shared the same beliefs.Their idea was simple – create a conglomerate that is dedicated to manufacturing the best steel products across India. In a time when the competition was aplenty and with many reputed companies already in the business, A-One started as one of the many startups that India sees annually. From the very outset, there was something remarkable about the way the men behind A-One carried themselves. They weren’t just visionaries who could be satisfied with the least of accolades. Rather they were focused on carrying forward the legacy that they had built with their bare hands. Of the many startups that were starting and failing annually, A-One Steel Group was not to be one of them. A-One was destined for greatness. Greatness that arose from the hard work of a few good men. They are the men of steel behind one of India’s largest steel groups. Here’s more in detail about the founders of the steel group, who are never in the limelight, but always in the background striving to carry forward the success that they have been able to garner till now.

In their very words, A-One Steel Group is driven forward by the vision and dynamic leadership that believes in creating products that reach out to the widest sections of our society, from the common man to the corporate. As A-One Steel Group grows in age, it continues to nurture a brand that people can trust and proudly associate with.

The first name that resonates with A-One Steel Group is Mr. Krishan Kumar Jalan. The Chairman of this young conglomerate, Mr. Jalan has lead the charge from the front. His expertise in the field comes from 40+ years of experience in numerous entrepreneurial initiatives and businesses. For 10 years now, he has had experience in the steel industry and has brought to the table values that has enabled A-One Group to reach the heights that it has reached today. His dynamic leadership is at the forefront of all the business decisions that go into A-One Steel Group. The man behind all the decision undertaken over the years, Mr. Jalan continues to take the company forward accomplishing a new milestone with every decision that he takes.

Joining Mr. Krishnan and Mr. Sunil at the helm of leadership is Mr. Sandeep Kumar Jalan as the Director of Technical Operations at A-One Steel Group. Like his father and brother, he shares the same level of enthusiasm when it comes to carrying forward the legacy of their business. Like a well-oiled machine, the technical aspect of A-One Steel Group is one of the key frontiers of the business, and as the Director-Technical of the group, Mr. Sandeep Kumar Jalan looks after the Purchase, Production, and Innovations aspect of the business. A strong sense of work ethic and the pride derived out of it constantly motivates Mr. Sandeep to lead by example. With such an inspiring character leading the growth journey at A-One Steel Group, the company’s fortunes will only rise higher with time.

Following in the footsteps of Mr. Krishnan Kumar Jalan, Mr. Sunil Kumar Jalan strives to carry forward the legacy of his father. Fondly known as Jullian to his family and friends, Mr. Sunil Kumar Jalan shares Mr. Krishna’s optimism and values. With about 18 yrs of experience in businesses and 6 yrs in the Steel Manufacturing Industry, Mr. Sunil is the Director of A-One Steel Group. He lends his expertise to every major aspect of the group, ranging from technology to human resource, operations to sales strategies, and finance and accounts objectives.

Beyond the people entrusted with leadership roles, it is the teams of A-One Steel Group that truly fuels the growth of the company. Experienced staff from different departments of the company come together to carry the company forward. Be it the technical staff or the administrative staff, they are dedicated to their duties and know what’s at stake. They work with a deep sense of purpose and lend their helping hands in the prosperity march that the A-One Steel Group embarks on daily.
A few of the notable names behind the smooth functioning of the A-One Steel Group includes the following:

Mr. Umashankar Goenka, the Vice-President at A-One Steel Group.

Mr. Pankaj Gidra, the Chief Financial Officer at A-One Steel Group who looks after all the financial aspects of the company.

Mr. Rajkumar Bansal, the General Manager of Operations at A-One Steel Group.

Mr. Sunil Pal, the Chief Technical Officer at A-One Steel Group.

Besides the leadership and the names constituting the upper section of the administrative body of A-One Steel Group, there are thousands working behind the scenes day-in and day-out to make A-One Steel Group the top name in the Indian Steel industry.

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